Mountain Meadows  D's American Express

Unchallanged to date -

National Grand Champion Stallion 
National Grand Champion Open Driving
National Liberty Champion
Sire of Two Time National Champion Stallion - Prince
Sire of 2008 National Supreme Futurity Horse - Lucky Harts American Expression
Sire of 2009 National Supreme Futurity Horse - Lucky Harts American Expressive

Express is having a good winter and looks as good as ever.  We anxiously await his 2012 foals.  Many of the same mares that have worked well in the past shared his pasture last summer, so we are confident that it will be a good year. 

It is a wonder to me, that I was able to end up with Express. I think he belongs here, I know that this is his final home, I hope he is as happy and satisfied with us as we are of him.

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Little Kings Buckeroo God  (George)  

"A Head Above the Rest" That about says it. Along with all the other wonderful characteristics that George stamps on his get, you can count on their heads being pretty. 

But, be careful for what you wish for.  I wished for consistency. Well, I got it. Georges' daughters are so close that I am having to brand some of them to tell them apart.  They are "that" similar.  And most of them have the same beautiful expressive head, both inside and outside. His daughters which we have saved for our broodmares are extremely pretty long necked, high headed girls that are now producing outstanding daughters themselves.

George is a Buckeroo son and is more than living up to his legacy.

So many of my memories in some way involve a little buckskin horse that tied so many of us together. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of something that involved Boones Little Buckeroo.

George is a bit different looking Buckeroo son, and his daughters are taking us comfortably into the future, however when I look into his big heavenly eyes, I don't see the future, I see a reflection of days gone by. I see Lowell and Marie and horses and my kids when they were little, and Hart and horse friends and horse shows. I see my past, and, "oh" it was happy one.   And even though I know that  Buckeroo will live on and continue to improve our miniature horses, through his sons and daughters, I am glad that I got to share in some of those Bye Gone - Buckeroo Days.






Lucky Harts Special Expressed AMHR - Aloha Acres Aristocratic Prince AMHA

The little guy has two names and his father has two names, so it gets kind of confusing.

When we registered him AMHR we just  added and "ed" to his father's AMHR name and called him Special Ed.  Special Ed is a son of Mountain Meadows Special Express - AMHR, and Mountain Meadows Amire Almar - AMHA (being one and the same - Prince) and a Grandson of our Mountain Meadows D's American Express.

Special Ed - Grandson of Express and Son of Prince, there that's a lot easier.

He is the only pinto son of Prince and we think a very "Special" horse.  We love his brilliant colors and hope he will help bring that back to us, when used with the dilutes. Ed is AMHR and AMHA and measures 33.75 inches.   He is lovable and full of himself and seems to have that proud look at me carriage. 


Ed is co - owned with Mary and Michael Collings of Aristocratic Miniatures. 

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Copy is now three years old. He will be AEPS/AMHR/AMHA registered. Which doesn't mean beans to me.  All I care about that he an Express son out of one our Bob daughters that carries the Welsh breeding and I like his looks.  His is not real friendly, so that is a drawback. We are  looking forward to breeding him to two or three of his 1/2 sisters, if he comes around and behaves himself this spring. This is the first of our line breeding with the  Express Ponies and the resulting foals will be the first of the American Express Pony Society.

Copy is one of the few Express sons that we have saved. He has a better neck than his sire.

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Tibbs El Ex Tango Mi Amigo

I hardly know where to begin with Amigo.  He is like a little dream come true. I love his little head and his short back and his tiny little bones.  He is the perfect height for me.  He is 35 inches tall as a two year old. I love his rich bay color and his silky fine black mane and tail.  His hoofs are small and correct. His eye is large and his jowl is pronounced.  His ears are tippy and  set on perfect and are not to small or too large. His legs are clean and perfect. Amigo has a tremendous rear end, as do all of the Tango babies I have seen.  He is always alert and smart and very observant.  But the best thing about him is that he his SO easy to handle and loveable. Tim said, that all of the Tango babies were, the same way. Hopefully it is in the genes, because that is so important to me.

I can't thank Tim Tibbs enough for giving me the chance to purchase Amigo. And Josh for showing him to his Reserve National Championship title.

We here at the Lucky Hart are trying to develop a new breeding program, of which Tibbs El Ex Tango Mi Amigo will be the main foundation stallion, in coming years. We feel he is that good. We are in the process of picking out which mares will be his.