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Michael and Mary Visit....

By luckyhart
Aug 17, 2012

Michael and Mary Collings showed up here at the Lucky Hart with a with a case of Two Buck Chuck (Trader Joes opened in Fort Worth).

They came in search of the perfect alfalfa for those Puck babies. And also to help celebrate Old Yellers turning over 16,000 miles. Michael says she's good for another 16000. We went to Seldom Rest Acres yesterday and Triple K's today. Lots of fun.

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Translate Our Site To Any Language!

By luckyhart
Jun 24, 2012

Check out the new option within our site. You can now translate it to any language you wish just by simply going to the bottom of the page and selecting your preferred language from the dropdown menu. We hope this will help our over-seas viewers navigate the site more smoothly. Enjoy!