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By luckyhart
Jan 22, 2014

Our Program

After thirty years of raising and saving what we felt were our best mares we feel that we have the beginning of something that the pony world may appreciate.

That being, a blood line pony breed.

We will be picking out 20 -25 Express daughters and 4-5 Express sons and grandsons and then having them evaluated by professional as to soundness and correctness. These will be called the foundation stock and all descendants will originate from them. All foundation ponies will be DN'd with the University of Kentucky and some also with California.

We will call their offspring, all of which will be DN'd and Parent Qualified, the American Express Ponies.  They will be named after Express, the sire or grandsire of our foundation mares and stallions, if they live up to my expectations.

Although the breed will be named after Express, it is through the combination of him and many generation of Lucky Hart bred mares that this breed is based on.

I have been basically scoffed at for presuming to even attempt such an endeavor.  What the heck, what will it hurt?  If nothing else it will get a few more already registered horses DN'd.

All Society Ponies will be registered first with either or both of the two well known and established miniature organizations, in order to authenticate  their ancestry through their respective stud books. We will use their stud books to keep track of the new little pony  with matching names and DN recording on all papers. This also gives these new little ponies a place to be shown. It also insures that their pedigree is still documented in case something happens to me, before I can turn the ponies and their paperwork over to someone that gives a hoot.

So here goes.  We hope to have most of the foundation mares and stallions chosen, DN'd and issued their new foundation papers by the end of the year 2014.

In June of 2015 the first of the DN'd, parent qualified AEPS ponies should begin to be registered into the Society.

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