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Its What We Do and Who We Are.

By luckyhart
Dec 18, 2012

Its What we Do and Who we are.

The Lucky Hart Ranch is not about fancy stuff.  It's not about fancy barns, it is not about new pickups.

The Lucky Hart Ranch is about raising good horses.

Oh, it would be nice to have fancy stuff, but the horses don't care.

Horses care about good food and clean water.

Horse care about being safe, comfortable and protected from the weather and having a good dry place to take a nap.

Horses care about being secure and sure of themselves amongst their own.

And most of all horses care about room.  Horses have to have room to think that they are free while being safely contained.

So that is what we do.

We feed them.

We protect them.

And most importantly we give them room to be horses.

Some of our horses actually seem to like us, and will do what is asked of them, if handled gently and carefully, however I feel that the basics of raising good horses is still nutrition, protection, security and room.

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