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By luckyhart
Dec 17, 2012

Hi out there, my name is Renee LaBarre Reiten and I thought you might like to know a little more about where I call home. I live on the Reiten family farm in northern North Dakota, USA. We are sometimes mistakenly thought of as a small Canadian Provence, but we are a state. Our State is very sparsely populated and very conservative and very rich. Our state has so much money that we don't know what to do with it. The reason we have so much money in our treasury is because we are very tight. We also have a lot of rich people in our state, who are mostly over the age of 70. But you would never know that these old people are rich. They are not ones to give up on anything just because it has a little age on it. They also would never want to put on the dog and appear to be trying to shame those who are not so well off. Consequently everyone kind of looks the same in North Dakota. North Dakota is a terrible place to live if you want to be on welfare. It isn't that most of us would not help out anyone that needed a helping hand, but what most consider poverty level living is a much higher standard of living than our old millionaires have. We don't spend much on luxuries and the finer things, until it comes to our farming and our livestock. Only the best then. You see it is perfectly OK to put it in the local newspaper that you took Grand Champion Steer at the local fair. That is not bragging. It is perfectly okay to say that you were the winner of the homemade jelly contest. That is not bragging. We can't be prideful of ourselves- that's a sin, but we can be proud of our produce. Our pride can only come from our accomplishments. Our state is basically Agriculture. We have two seasons, 'winter and summer' and summer is spent getting ready for winter. We are always in a hurry getting ready for winter. A high percentage of our population are college educated because there isn't that much else for the kids to do in the winter. We used to be pretty healthy and skinny, but we have been getting fatter the last few years along with the rest of the country. Our population is getting older. Most of our college educated kids went to cool places were they found high paying jobs, but some of them are coming back now, penniless, thinking that rich old mom and dad and grandma and grandpa can't live forever, but I don't think that many will stay once they get the farm. Maybe some. But, those that stay, those lucky kids. Oh, to be able to do it again. It has been a party. I have been able to live somewhere that is pretty much the way it was a thousand years ago. I wish I could have seen it when it was still all native prairie grass and not a tree, but we haven't wrecked everything yet. I wake each day and love to get out there and just sit with the horses and cattle. You can almost see the grass grow in the summer, and sometimes the breezes carry in smells that bring on dejavu feelings that you can't quite place, but somehow you know you belong here. In the winter it is so cold and clear and quiet that you can actually hear the cold. The nights are so clear that when I lay down in a snowbanks and shine my flashlight to the sky I think my little light travels forever. But, we only get one shot at things, I think, and I am glad of my choice to live in North Dakota and raise little horses. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity in life to live where I wanted, with whom I wanted and do what I wanted to do. So now as I am getting older I have no regrets, I gave it my best shot and have no guilty feelings about bragging that I think I have raised some pretty nice little horses.

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